NYC CFO Asks For Environmental Reforms

Siemens AG, Europe’s largest engineering company, has been called upon by John Liu, NYC’s comptroller to cut all relations to the US Chamber of Commerce.

In the letter to Siemen’s CEO, Peter Loscher, the comptroller asks for the firm to retract its membership from the world’s largest business federation at the company’s annual meeting that is scheduled to meet tomorrow.

Despite being a significant contributor to the chamber of commerce, the leader in green technology like many corporations and governments around the world have at this point, gone green. However, the chamber of commerce which represents the interests of more than three million businesses have firmly opposed environmental reforms.

 ‘It’s not right for our shareholders’ money to support efforts that perpetuate environmental harm,’ Liu said.  ‘Siemens is known for green innovation, but it’s supporting a group that bends over backwards to stand in the way of environmental protection.’

According to the request, in March 2010, the chamber of commerce attempted to have the EPA reverse its findings that greenhouse gases are a threat to human health. When the EPA refused its petition, the commerce then sued the EPA, the comptroller said.

‘Shareholders expect the supervisory board to ensure Siemens’ corporate name and resources are not used to undermine Siemens’ long-term business interests,’ the letter states. ‘Given the importance of the green economy to Siemens’ long-term business plan… we believe it is time for the Supervisory Board to formally sever the company’s relationship with the U.S. Chamber.’

Other corporations such as Apple, Exelon and PG&E Corporation have acted immediately and sought to withdraw from the group upon leaning about its efforts to fight environmental reform.

‘Extreme rhetoric and obstructionist tactics seem to increasingly mark the U.S. Chamber’s public stance on this [climate change] issue. These reflect neither the true range of views among members nor, in many cases, an honest view of the economic and environmental realities at hand,’ the comptroller added in his letter.  

Calls to the trade group were not acknowledged as of press time.

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