New York City Has The Nation's Priciest Babysitters

New York City has the highest paid babysitters in the nation.

A new report from babysitter booking site UrbanSitter found that in NYC, the average babysitting rate for one child was $US15.34 an hour. That’s more than the national average for a babysitter, which is $US14.97 per hour for one child, $US17.12 for two children, and $US18.27 for three children, according to UrbanSitter.

In Denver, which had the least expensive babysitters of the cities UrbanSitter looked at, sitters average $US10.84 an hour for one child.

This means babysitting can be pretty lucrative, especially compared to other hourly gigs, like those in fast food, where the average hourly wage is $US8.69.

UrbanSitter also polled 7,500 families across the country on their babysitting needs. The site found that more than a quarter of parents hire a babysitter at least once a week, 70% tip their sitter, and almost half of spend more than $US1,000 on babysitter each year.

The map below shows the average babysitter prices for 10 major UrbanSitter markets, for one, two, and three children.

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