NY Techies Schooled On Dating, Baldness, SIM Card Hacking

O’Reilly’s Brady Forrest threw a solid pre-pre-pre party for this fall’s NYC Web 2.0 Expo last night in TriBeCa. “Ignite” featured more than a dozen speakers giving PowerPoint presentations about topics from open-source gadgets to indie games. Highlights:

  • Writer Jessica Bruder’s report on a NYPD training course: “How to be an Undercover Hooker”
  • Path101 founder Charlie O’Donnell’s overview on self-induced baldness: When to Bic, and when not to
  • Entrepreneur-in-residence Nate Westheimer’s Charisma 101
  • The New York Times’ Nick Bilton on the future of news
  • I’minlikewithyou founder Charles Forman’s “How to date celebrichauns with founder fetish,” based on a true story, during which he publicly broke it off with Wired cover girl Julia Allison (see video)

Photo/video: Nick McGlynn

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