NY Tech Meetup Review: The Meta Meetup

The monthly NY Tech Meetup packed the lobby of Barry Diller’s IAC building Tuesday night. (And in case you’re curious, no Jakob Lodwick sightings.) Presenter summaries after the jump:

It’s a group dating application where friends get together and find other groups to schedule dates events. It’s headed by Peter Kamali, co-founder and former CTO of Meetup. They’ve soft-launched as a pure Facebook app play; Peter mentioned plans to extend the app to other platforms (i.e. Google’s Open Social)

It’s a user-generated business directory for green and eco-friendly companies. They plan to launch soon, with  a focus on the food category (e.g. find a coffee shop that serves fair-trade organic coffee). Looks to be a typical Ruby on Rails application mashed up with Google Maps; I think they could have used Ning and accomplished the same thing.

The Funded
If you’re in the startup scene I’m sure you’re familiar with The Funded – a private community for web entrepreneurs to exchange information and experiences about dealing with VCs. The novelty factor here was to see Adeo Ressi’s first public appearance in New York after unmasking himself.

This online group video making startup won the “people’s choice” award at TechCrunch40 past summer. It’s a complete video editing application that allows multiple people to collaborate. It boasts a very rich (and complex) user interface.

Some people find life too boring and move to virtual worlds. Murat Aktihanoglu created a virtual world that reminds people of the real life, using Google Earth as their base. While the experience seems a bit cumbersome — it requires users to jump from their Web  browser to Google Earth and back — they get a “cool factor” bonus for enabling Unype on Facebook and Open Social (i.e. Hi5 and Ning).

Meetup Alliance
After hosting more than 50 tech meetups Scott Heifferman finally gets to demo his own product. It’s the Meetup Alliance, (previously announced here): A product separate from the regular Meetup website which allows the creation of groups (or alliances) of groups. The idea is to allow Meetup, Facebook, Google, Yahoo and MySpace groups to interoperate, creating large alliances.

SAI Correspondent Alberto Escarlate is CTO at Entertainment Media Works.

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