NY Tech Meetup organiser Nate Westheimer Gets A New Job


NY Tech Meetup organiser, former BricaBox founder, and long-time SAI contributor Nate Westheimer has a new job. After several months as an entrepreneur in residence at Rose Tech Ventures, Nate is now VP of product at NYC- and Jerusalem-based AnyClip. (He’ll still organise the meetup.) From his post on Innonate:

Today, I’m also proud to announce a new Facebook App that we’ve built over the last month, called Casting Couch. Casting Couch is a way to tag your friends in famous movie clips, as if they were the characters in those very clips. Go check it out!

So, what is AnyClip and what does Casting Couch have to do with it?

At AnyClip, we’re building the world’s most comprehensive, high-quality, and legal database of scenes from the world’s favourite movies. Launching later this year, AnyClip.com will show off this database and allow you to browse through the top scenes of your favourite movies. AnyClip will allow us to relive the moments from films that help us make sense of our lives, the scenes which make us laugh, and the scenes which help us communicate with our friends.

Casting Couch is a great demonstration of what you can do when you have a great database of scenes. With this new app on Facebook, you can find scenes which mimic your life or are just plain funny; when you find the clip you want, you can then tag your friends as the characters in those scenes. Remember the sophomoric conversations you had with friends in high school? Tag your friends in American Pie clips and those moments come to life. Had a fight with your therapist? Tag yourselves in analyse This!

We’ll need some time to check out (and handicap) AnyClip. But in true NY Tech Meetup fashion, we’ll enlist the crowd in the meantime. Does this one have legs? Let us know in comments.

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