Nutshell: Monday, September 21, 2009


  • IRS blue-light special!  It will announce today extended amnesty and limited-time reduced penalties to those American UBS Swiss-account holders suspected of tax evasion that come forward before October 15.  The offer follows UBS’s admission of wrongdoing in aiding tax evasion and its acceptance of $780 million fine.  (NY Times)
  • “A flood of cases” targeting anonymous Internet critics is reported by the Citizen Media Law Project.  (ABA Law Journal)
  • Intel’s strong-arm tactics in keeping fellow-chip maker AMD out of the market are detailed in just-released report; the European Commission’s “public-relations battle” against Intel follows-up on a record antitrust fine of more than $1.5 billion. (WSJ)
  • Google, authors and publishers are making changes to their settlement agreement to appease the Justice Department, but still believe they can finalise an agreement on the digitization of books.  (WSJ) 
  • Sullivan & Cromwell tried to ignore NALP’s 45-day guideline and demand law students accept or decline the firm’s summer associate offers in two weeks; Harvard reportedly told them to follow NALP or face ouster from the Cambridge campus.  Not surprisingly, S&C bowed.  (AmLaw Daily)


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