Nutshell: Google Books Settlement Officially Delayed; Fight Over Madoff Distribution Gets Court Date


  • The parties to the Google Books settlement were scheduled to meet with the SDNY judge presiding over the case on October 7, but the judge postponed the hearing indefinitely to allow the parties to negotiate a new settlement that addresses the various concerns raised by the Justice Department and other interested parties.  (NYT)
  • The battle between liquidator-in-chief Irving Picard and Madoff victims over how much victims will receive in restitution will be heard by the court on February 2.  The victims believe they should receive the amount in their account balance when the scheme unravelled; Picard argues they should receive only the difference between what they put in and what they took out over the entire period of their investments with Madoff.  (NYT DealBook)
  • Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was hospitalized Thursday evening after feeling faint.  Various reports said her symptoms improved after receiving medical treatment.  (Dow Jones Newswires)
  • The Perot employee accused of insider trading, allegedly making $8.6 million, played a vital role in 1979 in the rescue of two Perot employees held hostage in Iran. (WSJ)


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