This new app will provide personal nutrition advice on-demand

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  • JSHeath Nutrition Clinic is a health and nutrition advice app which launched today.
  • It costs users $3 a week and delivers recipe ideas, tips for healthy eating, or guidance when faced with the temptation of treats.
  • In the four years to 2017, Sepel has grown her business into a $5-10 million company.

Australian nutritionist and founder of nutritional blog JSHealth, Jessica Sepel has just launched a new app which will allow users to message a nutritionist and get advice on-demand.

The JSHealth Nutrition Clinic app is designed to help individuals stay on track with their health and mindset.

“I created the app because of the the tens of thousands of JSHealth fans who were asking for something like this,” she says.

“I wanted to make nutrition advice more accessible.

“The app is like a personal virtual online nutrition connection,” she says.

It costs $3 a week, and will provide users with recipe ideas, tips for healthy eating, or guidance in times of temptation.

“There is an interactive meal plan, for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a range of JSHealth snacks,” says Sepel, adding that “the options will be swapped out and changed every two weeks.

“In the recipe section there is an option where you can filter the ingredients into a shopping list.


“There are also energy, sleep and eating trackers,” she says.

Other features include group chat rooms for women to discuss a range of health issues.

It’s important to note, however, that the nutritional experts on hand will only be available on-demand on weekdays.

“On the weekends, it will be available the next business day,” Sepel says.

Sepel says the app is a useful tool for people to fall back on in times of temptation.

“There are many fitness apps out there but not many health and nutrition-focused ones,” she says.

Sepel says many Australians struggle with unhealthy eating brought on by stress.

“Australians are hard workers. We’re put under, and put ourselves under a lot of stress,” she says.

“We feel guilty about resting, taking time off, slowing down.

“When you’re not listening to your body, the stress leads to overeating.”

JSHealth, which launched in 2013, has experienced incredible growth in the last couple of years, growing from $500,000 company in 2016 to a $25 million company in 2018.

The app is available for iOS only.

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