Nutanix Will Soon Raise A Whopping $US100 Million And Be The Next Hot Enterprise Startup

Dheeraj Pandey NutanixLinkedIn/Dheeraj PandeyDheeraj Pandey co-founder and CEO Nutanix

Keep your eye on an up-and-coming enterprise startup called Nutanix, which is in the process of raising a huge $US100 million round of venture investment, according to documents filed by the company and unearthed by VCExperts.

If the company is successful in this raise (and it wouldn’t have authorised the shares otherwise), it will have landed $US171 million in total funding. That includes a healthy $US33 million raised in 2012 from backers including Lightspeed Venture Partners, Khosla Ventures, Battery Ventures, and Goldman Sachs.

Its valuation could be between $US800 million to $US900 million, VCExperts Justin Byers told Business Insider.

Next stop could be an IPO. Nutanix is one of the startups rumoured to go public in 2014.

Sources close to the company told Business Insider it will have an announcement “soon.” Nutanix declined comment.

This raise helps Nutanix leapfrog its biggest competitor, SimpliVity, which announced a big investment of its own last month, $58 million. SimpliVity has raised $US101 million to date.

Both of these companies offer an all-in-one hardware box for corporate data centres that combines a computer server and storage. In Nutanix’s case, it uses flash storage from partner Fusion-io. A company can snap together multiple Nutanix boxes and they all work together. If one box needs to store more data than it has room for on its own hard drive, it simply uses a drive attached to another computer.

The concept is called “virtualized storage” and it means that companies no longer have to build expensive, separate storage networks with gear from EMC or NetApp.

Here’s a copy of the form that indicates Nutanix has authorised 13,957,445 preferred shares at $US7.2885 per share.

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