Calling all nurses: Tell us what your job is really like, from what patients do that drives you nuts to weird facts about hospitals most people don't know

Getty ImagesWhat’s it really like to be a nurse?
  • Business Insider wants to know what it’s really like to be a nurse.
  • What’s the hardest part about your job? What’s something you wish you could tell patients but can’t?
  • Fill out the survey below if you’re a nurse with a story to tell. (If you don’t wish to reveal your name, we will keep you anonymous).
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Nurses: What are your jobs really like?

Business Insider wants to learn everything nurses wish they could tell patients, but can’t. What are the biggest challenges about your job? What are some weird facts about hospitals most people don’t know? What kinds of crazy things have you seen on the job?

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If you’re a nurse, fill out the survey below to share what your job is like. Please specify what kind of nurse you are and where you work.

Include your email address and we’ll reach out to verify your employment and ask any follow-up questions. If you want to stay anonymous, no worries – just indicate that when the form asks for your name.

So tell us – what’s it really like to be a nurse?

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