Numbers Still Falling At Willkie, But Partners Still Bringing Home Millions*

Update: Due to a typographical error, the orginal post stated that Willkie’s revenue per lawyers was $93,000, rather than $930,000.  The mistake has been corrected.

Original post:

The 2009 numbers are down, down, down at Willkie Farr, but partners are still bringing home a lot of cash.

From the AM LAW 100:

Revenue was down 5.8% to $549.5 million (prior year drop: 3.2%)

Revenue per lawyer was down 7.1% to $930,000 (prior year drop: 5%)

Profits per equity partner was down 5% to about $2,000,000 (prior year drop: 5%)

Willkie was not among the firms that made big public cuts, but associates say that stealth layoffs did occur.

Though losses are never good, and increasing year over year losses are definitely not good, Willkie’s revenue loss is more or less in line with other firms.

The Am Law Daily’s report is here.

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