The Denver Nuggets Want To Give $50 Million To One Of The NBA’s Most Knuckle-Headed Players

Denver Nuggets $50 million contract offer to JaVale McGee

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With all due respect to Metta World Peace, JaVale McGee is one of the absolute craziest dudes to ever play in the NBA.But that won’t stop the Denver Nuggets from offering McGee a huge five-year, $50 million contract, according to the Denver Post.

McGee is a restricted free agent, so Denver can match any offer. But unlike most teams who wait for someone else to set the market for restricted free agents, the Nuggets have chosen to jump in first.

Despite McGee’s enigmatic nature, i.e. throwing up an alley-oop to himself while on the losing end of a blowout and pulling off a highlight reel worthy goal tend, he’s become a favourite of Nuggets head coach George Karl for his shot blocking ability (3 per game in 2012 playoffs) and willingness to shed that “nutcase” label.

McGee arrived in Denver from Washington during a midseason trade that sent overpayed Nuggets centre Nene to the Wizards. The Wiz had grown quite tired of McGee’s silly antics and inconsistency.

Just 24 years old, McGee had a nice 2011-12 season (~10 points, 6 rebounds per game), but not one that should result in giving him that much dough.

Then again, this is the NBA, where giving away millions upon millions in dumb contracts is the norm. Especially if, like McGee, you’re seven feet tall.

And now, a beautiful GIF of JaVale McGee running the wrong way on the court while his team is still on offence to perfectly explain who Denver is willing to pay so much money to (via Guyism):

JaVale McGee running wrong way

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This should be fun.

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