Beautiful play by the Nuggets that included 9 passes to get an open dunk shows why they have become one of the NBA's deadliest offenses

After a slow start to the season, the Denver Nuggets have found their stride.

The charge has been the result of change to their starting lineup in December, when they moved second-year center Nikola Jokic to the starting lineup full time.

Since, the Nuggets have been a stellar offensive team. In 2017, the Nuggets are a solid 14-14 with the NBA’s second best offence, scoring 113.3 points per 100 possessions. That’s just one basket less than the dynamic Golden State Warriors.

Though the Nuggets may lack a true superstar or household name (though Jokic is quickly on his way to becoming one), their offence thrives on spacing and classic, selfless ball movement until someone has an open shot.

On Wednesday against the Milwaukee Bucks, the Nuggets showed just why their offence is so effective, with a beautiful nine-pass possession that led to an open dunk.

In the win over the Bucks, the Nuggets scored 110 points, with six different players scoring in double-digits, while they racked up 21 assists on 41 made baskets. Not bad.

If the playoffs started today, the Nuggets would be the eighth seed, set for a series against the Warriors. If both teams hold their positions through the rest of the year, we may be in for a pass-happy shootout in the first round. 

When you look up ‘Ball Movement’ in the dictionary this is what you’ll find.
— Denver Nuggets (@nuggets) March 2, 2017

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