Nude Girls, Playboy: SEO Lessons From AOL’s (TWX) Bloggingstocks


As noted earlier, AOL’s stock blog site has caught up to stock-blogging leader Seeking Alpha. How? We’re not certain. But it may have something do with savvy search engine optimization.

Compare and contrast the top keywords Compete says have been driving readers to and Seeking Alpha here. We’ve excerpted some of the screen shot at the top right of this post.

“vanessa hudgens nude” and “amanda beard playboy” do take readers to bona-fide posts, by the way. The first reports on a recent controversy involving the actress, who is the star of Disney’s High School Musical franchise. And the second reports on the fact that an issue of Playboy featured a naked Olympic swimmer. Bloggingstocks, moreover, is not the only mainstream web outfit to generate traffic by mentioning attractive, unclothed women. Type the Vanessa Hudgens query into Google and you’ll find an MSNBC report on the same story on the first page; Yahoo Answers shows up on the first page of the Amanda Beard search results. We should clearly be rethinking our own headline strategy.

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