Nude Portman: 500,000 iTunes Downloads, Heading To Big Screen

Wes Anderson’s short firm Hotel Chevalier — featuring Natalie Portman’s first nude scene — will head to the big screen after all, thanks in part to the buzz it generated as a free download on Apple’s iTunes store. The New York Times reports that Fox Searchlight Films will start screening the short — a prequel to Anderson’s latest feature, The Darjeeling Limited — next Friday as part of the feature’s wider release.

The goal: boost ticket sales for Darjeeling, which has grossed less than $4 million on 200 screens since opening on Sept. 29, according to Box Office Mojo. NYT: “The short, in contrast to the feature, received nearly universal praise when it was shown alongside the longer film at some festivals. After being made available free on iTunes, it quickly became an online hit and has been downloaded nearly 500,000 times.” NYT

Follow Up: iTunes Bids Adieu To Hotel Chevalier

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