Incredible Ad Uses 17 Nude Painted Bodies To Depict A Crashed Car

emma hack body crash naked car paint ad

Photo: MAC / YouTube

In a new campaign encouraging drivers to reduce their speed and avoid deadly accidents, the Motor Accident Commission (MAC) of South Australia wanted something striking and different.They hired artist Emma Hack, best known for her work on Gotye’s “Somebody I Used To Know” music video, to create a sculpture of a wrecked car, made up of 17 men and women.

To show how Hack designed and executed the attention-grabbing ad, the MAC produced a “Behind the Scenes” video. Watch it on YouTube, or click through to see.

She began the MAC ad by sketching human figures onto a photo of a wrecked car.

Then she added detail and finalised the positions.

She chose male athletes and bodybuilders who were strong enough to support other people's weight.

And brought in acrobats as well, for flexibility and the ability to hold a position.

And sandbags supported the people at the front.

Hack used four layers of paint, starting with a base.

Each layer after that added detail.

Hack included a licence plate, hood ornament, and headlights.

Up close, it's clear that the car is made up of people.

From a distance, it's not as clear.

The copy of the ad calls for all drivers to reduce their speed.

Here's a different way to build something amazing.

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