Banned From Germany, Nuclear Plants Are Now Popping Up Right Next Door

Germany Nuclear

[credit provider=”AP”]

While Germany may soon be nuclear plant-free, reactors continue to exist within sight of its borders in France and the Czech Republic, and new ones are popping up in Poland and the Netherlands, Spiegel Online reports.And while the Germans have complained, EU law states that the countries undertaking the construction don’t need to listen.

Of course, there’s more than meets the eye. German officials had hoped that it could move away from using coal and fossil fuels for electricity and cut emissions, instead using renewable sources, like solar and wind, which are clean and don’t have safety risks.

But that’s not completely making up the shortfall. So what are they doing? Of course, importing nuclear energy from other countries.

Yes, importing nuclear energy. Since the closure of its reactors, Germany has gone from being an exporter of power to importing it, including electricty from a Czech reactor that has malfunctioned 130 times, according to Spiegel Online.

Seems kind of counterproductive to us.