Nuclear Physicist And Former Telstra Boss Ziggy Switkowski Is NBN Co's New Chairman

Ziggy Switkowski / Getty

The Coalition Government has appointed a new, three-person board for NBN Co after members of the previous board resigned.

The new board is chaired by former Telstra CEO Ziggy Switkowski, who was appointed in a Coalition cabinet meeting today on Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s recommendation.

The Government has also appointed directors Alison Lansley and Kerry Schott, who sat on former chairwoman Siobhan McKenna’s board.

Jonathan Swan of the Sydney Morning Herald reports that three is the minimum number of people required to run a board. The NBN Co board comprised 7 members previously.

According to a report by the AFR’s David Ramli, the new board has been tasked with conducting a 60-day strategic review of the NBN project, formulating a fibre-to-the-node plan (instead of Labor’s fibre-to-the-premise) and formalising a timetable for negotiations with Telstra.

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