Landing Gear On The Southwest Flight At LaGuardia Collapsed During Landing, Investigators Say

In a series of tweets this afternoon, the National Transportation Safety Board provided an update on its investigation into Southwest Flight 345, which had a very rough landing at NYC’s LaGuardia Airport Monday afternoon.

According to the NTSB, the plane’s “nose gear collapsed up and into the fuselage,” so the front of the plane fell down, landing on the nose.

The gear damaged the electronics bay where avionics are housed, leaving only the right axle attached:

southwest flight 345 lga crash

After its nose hit the ground, the Boeing 737 slid 2,175 feet and came to a stop on the right side of LaGuardia’s runway number 4. Its emergency slides deployed normally, the NTSB says:

southwest 345 laguardia crash

According to Southwest, eight people, five of whom were passengers, suffered minor injuries. There were 150 people on board.

We’ll post more updates as we get them.

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