The Australian paper famed for croc stories has a perfect front page capturing the nation's mood on marriage equality

The NT News is known in Australia and around the world for its crazy and often hilarious front pages featuring crocodiles, UFOs — and one award-winning headline about a guy sticking a firework up his rear end.

It took a distinct change in tone today with a powerful statement on marriage equality, as Australia looks set to hold a voluntary postal vote on the issue.

Photo: NT News / Twitter.

Polling has shown marriage equality has greater than 60% and up to 70% support in the Australian community. It ranks low, however, on lists of where people think politicians should focus their energy, so the NT News’ front page that references political bickering pretty neatly encapsulates the national mood.

A Yes vote in the poll could see same-sex marriages legal by Christmas. Well said, NT News.

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