NSW Minister For Transport Has Challenged Opal Card Users To 'Beat The System'

NSW Minister for Transport Gladys Berejiklian has challenged Sydney Opal card customers to “find the savings” and “beat the system”. Here’s how:

Sydney Opal card commuters travel for free after completing eight journeys in the space of a week, however, Berejiklian suggests there is potential to save even more money by employing a few discerning tactics, the SMH reports.

“I want people to beat the system,” she said. “I want people to find the savings because they are there to be had.”

One way Opal customers may be able to beguile the new scheme would be to take cheap, often pointless journeys through the week in order to save down the track.

For example, I hoof it in on the morning train from Meadowbank to Circular Quay during off peak hours (6:30am departure) and return in the afternoon during the peak period (between 4pm and 6:30pm). That equates to $7.99 per day and a maximum of $31.96 per week.

However, if I took a stroll down to Circular Quay at lunchtime on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and caught the train to Wynyard – and walked back to the office – not only would I feel healthier, I would save myself an additional $5.76 each week.

Whether the extra effort is worth the money saved is a matter of conjecture. Me? Over the course of a year, I could shed a few pounds, explore countless new lunch options, take in some sun and potentially save more than $276. That’s enough for a return flight to Melbourne, a skydive on Sydney’s north coast or 50 beers at the pub.

So, if you’ve got the time and the patience, Berejiklian’s challenge may be a worthwhile opportunity.


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