NSW school religious programs set to be audited for Islamic extremism

New South Wales Premier Mike Baird is expected to launch a review of prayer groups at state schools to combat the Islamic extremist radicalisation of school students.

The move comes after a 17-year-old student from Epping High School in Sydney was found to have been preaching extremist Islamic views to fellow students in the playground. Read more about that here.

The Premier’s audit will cover programs of all religions, with Baird saying that extremism will “find no foothold in our schools and communities”.

The Australian today reports the investigation into Epping Boys High is just one of a number of police investigations involving extremism in schools, none of which present an immediate threat to teachers or ­students.

As part of Baird’s announcement, a joint memo from the state’s education department and police department will remind schools of their obligations to ­report alleged incidents of ­extremism.

“These new risks mean that, collectively, we are going to have to be vigilant, and take action as necessary,” Baird said yesterday.

“Our schools should be, and are, havens of tolerance, places where students can explore the reaches of imagination and knowledge”.

Read more here.

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