NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay Was Once Opposed To The Cyclist Licence He Now Wants For Sydney Bike Riders

Cameron Spencer/Getty

A report released under the Freedom of Information has revealed the NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay was once opposed to the cyclist licences he now wants.

Until now the public has heard how Gay is “increasingly persuaded” that licensing for cyclists is needed.

But this was not always his position.

A Roads and Maritime Services report from 2011, reveals Minister Gay previously believed the licencing scheme for cyclists would put “substantial” costs on families and probably be ineffective – a contrary opinion to what he said in May.

In 2011 Gay’s former chief executive Michael Bushby wrote on the behalf of the minister: “The fees for cycling licensing and registration, if introduced, would have to be renewable annually to have enforcement value, and they would have to be high enough to cover administrative costs”.

“The resulting financial burden on adult cyclists and parents, and the wider community if the costs were subsidised, would be substantial”.

But a spokeswoman for the minister told The Sydney Morning Herald the minister stands by the need for licensing but is not interested in registration.

“We are looking into the option of licensing cyclists. There is a difference between licensing and registration,” she said.

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