NSW Premier Mike Baird Talks Privatisation Of State's Assets, Will 'Leave No Stone Unturned'

New South Wales Premier Mike Baird and Prime Minister Tony Abbott meet the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Manly on Good Friday. Cameron Spencer/Getty

New NSW Premier Mike Baird plans to set the government’s focus to the privatisation the state’s assets including public hospitals and the state’s ports and electricity generators.

On Saturday Baird said the dilapidated conditions of the states health facilities would receive a world-class transformation, promising to “leave no stone unturned” in the drive to improve services.

The Premier talked of adopting the West Australian system for healthcare which privately employs non-clinical staff and public hospitals are privately built and managed.

He also spoke about the possibility of the privatisation of electricity poles and wires, saying the decision to sell the state’s ports and electricity generators will be taken to the electorate to seek a mandate this year.

Baird said people should not be “afraid of the private sector” and that he just wants the best facilities and opportunities for New South Wales.

“We want the best possible services for NSW we can get. My passion is to look at every possible opportunity for the infrastructure the community is crying out for,” he said on Saturday.

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