NSW Premier Mike Baird live-tweeted The Bachelor finale like a pro

Non-bachelor of 25 years, Mike Baird and his wife Kerryn. Source: Facebook.

There are probably a few women in New South Wales who wish 47-year-old politician and social media lover Mike Baird was single, but the father of three met his wife Kerryn 30 years ago at uni and they’ve basically been together ever since, marrying 25 years ago.

Baird has two teenage daughters, aged 17 and 15, and last night the NSW premier sat down with a couple of million other Australians to watch the final of The Bachelor.

His excuse was “man-flu”, but what dad with a couple of girls soon to start dating wouldn’t want a bit of intel?

OK, so he’s missed the last several weeks of one of the most popular shows on Australian TV, and has some catching up to do, especially when it comes to Sam Wood, 35, the Melbourne fitness entrepreneur playing the bachelor in season 3.

He offered some manscaping tips for Sam.

And showed that after last dating in the mid-80s, he’s a bit off the pace when it comes to modern courting.

Then he dobbed in treasurer and Liberal deputy leader, Gladys Berejiklian.

Berejiklian, who’s younger than Baird, only joined Facebook earlier this month, at her boss’s instance. He decided to show her that nothing’s private on social media.

You can take the premier out of the 80s, but…

Then shows he’s always looking for consensus and collaboration.

And offered some empathy for the situation the candidates faced…

Like Sam, the premier likes to keep fit. He’s also believes a fast decision is a good decision…

Before auditioning for the open mic night at the Manly Surf Club…

But before Sam declared his love for Snez, the single mum from Perth, in a bit of a boil over, the premier had had enough, offering an important insight into the political process in NSW…

Baird recently told Business Insider that the secret to a great relationship, especially when you have a state to run, is a weekly “date night” with his wife. And after 25 years together, he could probably offer Sam and Snez a few tips.

And after all those roses, here they are:

What a magical ending! @samjameswood and Snezana have a special message to share with you all! #TheBachelorAU

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