NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell Will Appear As A Witness At ICAC Tomorrow

NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell will appear before the Independent Commission Against Corruption on Tuesday (Photo: Getty)

New South Wales Premier Barry O’Farrell will appear as a witness at the Independent Commission Against Corruption tomorrow.

The commission is hearing evidence on Australian Water Holdings, which is accused of corruptly obtaining money from the government-owned Sydney Water.

O’Farrell — who is not accused of corruption — was scheduled to appear as a witness from the end of April, though Counsel Assisting Geoffrey Watson said it was necessary he attend sooner, according to The ABC.

“As someone who respects the ICAC, its role and its processes, I don’t intend to pre-empt any of the matters, any of the questions it may put to me,” O’Farrell said.

“I will ensure though, that I answer all of your questions after the ICAC hearing tomorrow.”

O’Farrell will be the third severing NSW premier to appear before an ICAC inquiry. The others were former premiers Bob Carr, in 1996, and Nick Greiner in 1992.

There’s more here.

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