NSW is letting pubs stay open for 1 hour at 4am to 'celebrate' the Olympics - except inside the lockout zones

Shane Warne. Photo: Getty Images

Sport and beer is a classic Australian combo, so in effort to show what sports-loving funsters they are, the NSW government is letting pubs and clubs stay open after their normal closing times during the final days of the Rio Olympics.

But deputy premier Troy Grant has included a catch – the extended trading hours are only available for venues outside Sydney’s controversial lockout zones, meaning you won’t be able to watch the basketball and football finals on Sunday and Monday, August 21 and 22, inside the city’s CBD. That means office workers won’t be able to head straight from the pub to their desk on Monday morning.

But then, the time you can spend in the pub on Monday is hardly worth getting out of bed for. While venues will be able to open between 4am and 10am on the Sunday, on Monday morning, it’s only for an hour between 4am and 5am.

Grant says the dates and times were chosen following consultation with industry.

The change also includes letting venues stay open for an extra two hours, until midnight, for the NRL grand final on Sunday, October 2.

Grant said heading to the pub with friends to cheer on the Australians was the next best thing to being in Rio, while letting pubs stay open until midnight after the NRL grand final will prevent “a mass exodus of patrons which places extra pressure on public and other transport options”.

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