NRMA just led a $1.8 million investment round in this tiny little Australian startup

Sendle co-founder James Moody. Image: Supplied.

Australian door-to-door parcel delivery startup Sendle has just closed $1.8 million in funding in a round led by NRMA to expand its service.

NRMA Group CEO Tony Stuart said NRMA chose to invest $1 million so it could offer the service to NRMA members.

This isn’t the first time the motoring organisation has thrown its weight behind startups. Earlier this year it launched its Slingshot Jumpstart program which invested $30,000 into six startups in the hope a couple might fit with the company’s future business plans.

Launched in November 2014, this was Sendle’s first rasing round as it builds out its online booking system which makes it easier for senders and receivers to book deliveries. It was previously bootstrapped out of another company called TuShare which encourages users to share items they don’t want.

Sendle co-founder James Moody told Business Insider the remainder of the round was filled by a number of individual investors but would not disclose who they were, nor would he reveal the company’s valuation or how many deliveries it had completed.

“Due to the competitive nature of this industry, we are not sharing numbers at this stage,” he said.

Sendle co-founders Moody, Sean Geoghegan and Craig Davis said its purpose is to make sending a parcel fast and price competitive.

On-demand, crowdsourced delivery has become a hotbed for innovation, with a bunch of startups launching platforms in the space. Some do general delivery like Sydney-based Sherpa, while others, such as LiquorRun, deliver niche products like alcohol. The increased number of delivery startups comes after Australia Post upped its parcel delivery costs.

“With a combination of leading technologies and efficient support, we’re working to transform the current parcel sending experience from time consuming to efficient,” Moody said.

Sendle picks up and delivers parcels up to 10kgs in the same city for under $10 and between major Australian cities for about $17.60.

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