NRCC Chairman: Michael Grimm's candidacy 'a weird circumstance'

WASHINGTON — Ohio Rep. Steve Stivers, who chairs the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), said Monday that former Rep. Michael Grimm’s candidacy for Congress after having been convicted of a felony is “a weird circumstance.”

Grimm, who previously represented New York’s 11th District, served a seven-month sentence after pleading guilty to a felony charge of tax fraud. On Sunday, he announced his intent to unseat Rep. Dan Donovan, the Republican who replaced him.

Stivers told Business Insider he has yet to fully weigh if Grimm’s felony charges make him unfit to serve in Congress.

“I don’t give a lot of thought to stuff like that in every district,” Stivers said. “He’s not a candidate, he’s not on the ballot but he only says he’s gonna run. We’ll see how it goes. So he’s gotta qualify for ballot. So he hasn’t done that.”

The NRCC’s goal is to elect and reelect Republicans to the House. Because Donovan will be the incumbent, he is all but guaranteed the NRCC’s endorsement.

“It’s a very weird circumstance,” Stivers added. “But Dan Donovan’s done a great job. I like Dan. Dan has ethics, integrity, and he’s a hardworking member of Congress.”

A spokesperson for Donovan was not immediately available for comment.

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