David Gregory Held Up A High-Capacity Magazine To See If The Head Of The NRA Would Budge On Anything

David Gregory

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One of the most contentious points of NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre’s interview on “Meet the Press” this morning came when host David Gregory challenged him on his statement to try anything that “has a chance” of reducing loss of lives in mass shootings.Gregory held up a high-capacity magazine that carries 30 bullets. He asked if LaPierre would support reducing the limit on magazines to carrying five to 10 bullets instead of 30.

“Isn’t it just possible that we could reduce the carnage in a situation like Newtown?” Gregory said.

“I don’t believe that’s going to make one difference,” LaPierre responded. 

“But this is a matter of logic, Mr. LaPierre,” Gregory said. “Because anybody watching this is going to say,  ‘Hey, wait a minute. I just heard Mr. LaPierre say that we should try anything that might reduce the violence. And you’re telling me that it’s not a matter of common sense that if you don’t have an ability to shoot off 30 rounds without reloading, that, just possibly, you could reduce the loss of life?”

“I don’t buy your argument for a minute,” LaPierre said. “There are so many different ways he could’ve done it.”

Gregory accused LaPierre of supporting anything that has a chance to reduce violence — except when it pertains to guns.

Here’s a clip of the exchange, via NBC:

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