Here’s Who Gets The Most Campaign Money From The NRA

The Sunlight Foundation has identified the members of Congress who have received the most money from the NRA’s PAC in the 2012 election. 

All told, 205 members of the House and 42 members of the Senate received cash from the gun rights group.

Lee Drutman, who carried out the investigation, notes that “these contributions are probably a better measure of allegiance than of influence,” and that several thousand dollars is unlikely to guarantee unmitigated support.

In the House, 16 Democrats and 189 Republicans received a contribution from the NRA; in the Senate, 4 Democrats and 38 Republicans got cash from the pro-gun organisation.

With 47% of the House receiving measures of support from the NRA, any attempt at passing meaningful gun control legislation will be inherently difficult. 

These infographics lay it out:

NRA House contributions

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nra senate contributions

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