NPR Lays Off 64, Scratches “Day To Day”


We regret to report that our appearance on NPR’s “Day To Day” two weeks ago did not save the program. NPR has cancelled it and “News & Notes” and laid off 64 of its 889 employees:

Washington Post: Faced with a sharp decline in revenue, National Public Radio said Wednesday it will pare back its programming and institute its first organisation-wide layoffs in 25 years…

The cutback of 64 of NPR’s 889 employees is designed to close a $23 million shortfall in the operation’s current fiscal year, Dennis Haarsager, NPR’s interim president and chief executive, said in an interview. The cuts will affect all departments, including reporters, producers, researchers and digital media employees.

Some of those losing their jobs are veteran NPR voices, such as Ketzel Levine, an NPR reporter since 1977, and Vicky O’Hara, an editor and former diplomatic correspondent with 26 years on the job. Others include “News & Notes” host Farai Chideya, “Day to Day” host Madeleine Brand, Washington reporter Libby Lewis, entertainment-industry correspondent Kim Masters and national reporter John McChesney. About half the 64 people cut are journalists.

Bummer. Madeleine Brand told us she moved from Clinton Hill, Brooklyn to Culver City, CA for Day To Day. Hopefully, as a silver lining, Brooklyn will now get her back.

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