NPR Exec Who Fired Juan Williams Steps Down

Juan Williams

Ellen Weiss, the executive who fired Juan Williams last year, has stepped down as senior vice president for news at NPR. according to a statement released by NPR.

The CEO Vivian Schiller will retain her position, but the board voted against giving her a bonus because of “concern over her role in the termination process.”

From NPR’s statement:

Washington, DC January 6, 2011 — The NPR Board of Directors announced today that it has completed its review into the facts and circumstances leading to the termination of NPR’s contract with senior news analyst Juan Williams.

The Board has expressed confidence in Vivian Schiller’s leadership going forward.  She accepted responsibility as CEO and cooperated fully with the review process.  The Board, however, expressed concern over her role in the termination process and has voted that she will not receive a 2010 bonus.

NPR also announced that Ellen Weiss, Senior Vice-President for News, has resigned.

We have taken this situation very seriously and the Board believes these recommendations and remedial steps address the concerns raised in connection with the termination of Williams’ contract,’ said Dave Edwards, Chair.

Read the rest of the statement at THR >

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