German Far Right Group Prompts Fury With Gas Reference

Germany’s largest Far Right party, the National Democratic Party (NPD), is facing controversy after a poster for the upcoming elections in Berlin told voters to “step on the gas”.

Here’s the picture (via Der Spiegel):

National Democratic Party

That’s party leader Udo Voigt on a motorbike (he apparently is a keen biker). The words “gas geben” literally means “to give gas”.

Ynet has condemned the advertisement:

Naturally, the allegedly innocent slogan contains a horrifying association with the gas chambers in which the Nazis killed millions of people, most of them Jews, during World War II.

Berlin’s public radio station is now refusing to air the NPD’s radio advertisements.

However, it seems likely that Voigt isn’t too worried about the controversy — it seems to be part of an intentional pattern.

Just three years ago the party ran an advertisement with the label “Good flight home”, featuring four immigrants sitting on a flying carpet.