Now You Too Can Live Like Glenn Beck!

Beck auction

Or at least live surrounded by his things. 

Glenn Beck is auctioning off a whole slew of items from his home and donating the process to charity (that “Glenn will choose and announce on an upcoming show“). 

What sorts of things?  A ceramic rooster, for one.  And apparently there is a market for ceramic roosters because the bidding on this one — “made in Italy. Has one chip on the tip of the tail” — is up to $176.00. 

Alas, so far no sign of the Mao doll

We asked Glenn what was had inspired all this giving and here’s what he told us.

“As a recovering alcoholic, I know how to have a good time so my wife and I recently went through all of our stuff in storage. It sounds almost as fun as losing her dress last weekend. We found a lot of good stuff that we just don’t need so we are putting it up for auction with the proceeds going to help others. While it may seem like a simple thing, I’ve come to realise its important to take stock of our lives, especially during the holiday season, and clean out what just isn’t necessary. And who knows, maybe the Woodrow Wilson library is searching online for some new furniture. Well today is their lucky day.”

Every president should be so, um, lucky as to have a Glenn Beck.  And because we know you wanted to know, all items will include an Authenticity Certificate signed by Beck stating that the item was owned by him.  Peruse the selection below and do your shopping here.

Blessings Jar

'We are all blessed every day with many things - a great job, family and friends. But when times are tough, you may need to count the blessings to appreciate life a little more. This Blessings Jar does exactly that: count your blessings. Open up the jar and find 10 blank paper hearts to write your blessings on, and deposit them into the jar. Re-read them whenever you need a lift, and reflect on these precious gifts that you have been given. You will find that as the days go by, your blessings will multiply.'

Wooden Ducks

'Wooden ducks hand carved 18 inches long 6 inches wide there are three ducks total.'

Cast Iron Statues

'Cast iron statues 11 inches tall boy and girl.'

Dinette Cabinet with Hutch

'This is a Dinette Cabinet with Hutch. They are both in great shape, only a few minor dings. The cabinet is 78' long 20' wide 38' tall. The hutch is 49' tall 12.5' wide 49' tall. Overall height is 87'.

What Glenn says about it...
Tania and I bought this three years ago for our kitchen. It goes well with the round kitchen table and chairs. It looks very handmade and Old World. Very heavy. Very big.'

Fake Book Secret Boxes

'Fake books secret boxes 3 included in the set. 13 inch by 9 inch, 10 inch by 6 1/2 inch, 9 1/2 by 6 inches all books have magnetic lid.'

Cookie Jar

'Ceramic cookie jar with lid..'

Ceramic Rooster

'This is a colourful ceramic rooster. Made in Italy. Has one chip on the tip of the tail. .'

Kitchen Table and Chairs

'This Kitchen Table and Chair set is in great condition. The chairs and table do have some regular wear that can be seen in the photos, but are otherwise in great shape. The Table has two extensions that can be added to increase the length of the table. The chairs all have painted words on the back rest. The words are, honour, Forgiveness, Honest, Endurance, Faith, Patriotism, Self-Discipline, Courage, Charity and Hope. The overall length of the table with the extensions is 128'.'

Black Ornate Eagle Chair with Gold Trim

'This is gorgeous Black Ornate Eagle Chair with Gold Trim. It is in great shape and has only a little normal wear on the chair. This would look great in your living room or office.'

RCA radio 17

'RCA radio 17 Radio corporation of America. This is an antique. .'

Bar Stools

'These are a set of five barstools. They are in great shape and would look great in your kitchen or dining room. They are 48' tall 20' wide.'

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