Now You Don't Need A Barista To Get Your Morning Coffee Hit

Getty/Andrew Burton

I don’t know about you but I drink coffee because I like the taste. I like sitting and enjoying it in the morning as I start my day.

But for those who use it for the energy to face each day and will take it whatever way they can – for the caffeine – a new product on the market will help you mainline it without the “sugar and bulk”, according to the Reddies Energy Strips Website.

But the focus on “bulk” suggests that the strips are aimed at the workout crowd more than your morning latte. This has health experts worried, because: “Unlike a coffee or cola, which is absorbed slowly through the gut, the caffeine in the strips is said to be absorbed instantly through the mouth,” the ABC reports.

Cardiologist Professor Chris Semsarian, told the ABC: “It’s not like swallowing a tablet of caffeine when it’s distributed slowly through the body system… Having a strip on the tongue [is] a very fast way of delivering what caffeine is – which is a drug – to the body.”

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