Now You Can Stream Music And Movies From Your Android To Your Apple TV

doubletwist airsync airplay

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DoubleTwist, a music player and syncing solution for Android devices, just released an update allowing you to wirelessly stream music, movies, and photos to an AppleTV.All you’ll need is the free DoubleTwist player for Android and the $4.99 AirSync app which is made by DoubleTwist.

Once you have these apps installed, you’ll be able to stream music, pictures, and video to your AppleTV or Mac, as if you were using AirPlay on an iOS device.

DoubleTwist also supports streaming music to Sonos devices, but with limited functionality thus far, as well as streaming to DLNA devices like Google TV, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3.

Sounds like a pretty great deal to us for just under five bucks.

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(Via Engadget)