Now You Can Rent Pamela Anderson's House For $20,000 Per Week

The Virgin Saint and fierce protectress of chastity and virtue, Pamela Anderson, is renting her out home for $20,000 a week. So many things are that amount of money: college tuition, a nice car, my entire salary, half an Olsen sister’s purse! Perhaps rent is so insanely high because the home is decorated by the Lady of the Manor herself. Yikes. Or maybe it is due to the crazy rumours flying that Pammy is experiencing some money woes of her own and is fixing to make a buck or two off the home. Whatever the reason, this place ain’t cheap.

The three bedroom, 2.5 bath, one outdoor-wigwam (well, Pam is Canadian) home comes with all the expected amenities that make up a Malibu manse: fireplaces, beach views, saunas and steam showers, and a saltwater swimming pool with swim-up bar outside. There is also a private staircase accessible only through the master bedroom that leads to the roof. And if you pull Pamela’s left boob a swinging bookcase slides open to reveal the meeting place of the Opus Dei.

[Real Estalker]

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