Now You Can Rent A Famous Home From Your favourite Movies And TV Shows

Photo: FlipKey

We’re heading toward the Summer months and now is the perfect time to plan a vacation getaway. And if you’re a movie or television fan, we found some houses with fun pop culture history on the vacation rental site, FlipKey

The company has dozens of vacation home rentals from different movies, TV shows and old celebrity real estate all around the country. 

Whether you want to take a nice, quiet trip to South Carolina or a beautiful beach venture to Hawaii or Brazil, these are the FlipKey vacation rentals we’d most like to use for a week or two. 

Because why wouldn’t you want to spend the night in James Bond’s villa or the honeymoon house from “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1”?

Orson Welles' Estate (Los Angeles, CA).

$895 - $995/night

$409 - $589/night

$1,500 - $2,000/night

Price upon request.

$1,195 - $1,995/week


$4,000 - $9,000/night


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