Now You Can Own A Piece Of North Korea’s Top Tourist Destination

north korea hotel
The Kumgangsan Hotel in the Mt. Kumgang tourist region

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It’s a lovely time of year to visit…North Korea?The communist country is reportedly making a push to revamp its top tourist destination, Mt. Kumgang, saying it would allow foreign entities to invest in the troubled resort.

South Korean newspaper The Hankyoreh, reports:

North Korea’s parliament said that it will set up a special zone for international tours of Mount Kumgang, the state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported Friday.

According to the report, North Korea’s Supreme People’s Assembly said in a decree that the country “will encourage free investment in the development of the special zone by corporate bodies, individuals and other economic bodies and will protect by law the invested capital and properties and income and other profits to be gained through business.”

The move came just weeks after North Korea threatened to scrap a deal with South Korean developer Hyundai Asan, who had invested millions in the project.

The Kumgang tourist region was opened to South Korean visitors in 1998, but were suspended in 2008 when a tourist who strayed into a military zone was shot and killed.

north korea hotel
Path to Koryong Falls at Mt. Kumgang

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