How To Chat Between Google And AIM From One Account

google talk and aim

It hasn’t been formally announced yet, but TNW is reporting that AOL and Google’s cross-platform instant messaging protocol is getting rolled out to users.

Soon, all AOL Instant Messenger users and Google Talk users will be able to chat with each other without changing any settings or using different IM clients.

All you’ll need to do is add a buddy such as “[email protected]” from Google Talk (or within Gmail) or “[email protected]” from within AIM to start chatting.

Apparently, the first message will act as an approval request. Once the person on the other end accepts, you’ll be good to go.

Unfortunately, for those people that rely on logging into AIM via Gmail’s chat panel, they’ll have to log in with your Gmail account instead and add AIM buddies from there, one by one.

AOL’s working on a buddy-importer for Gmail, but this feature should’ve been here from the get-go.

If the feature doesn’t work for you yet, it should start working soon.

(Via TNW)

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