Now We Know Almost All Of Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman's Adorable Nicknames

james gorman

Photo: (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

It’s Morgan Stanley earnings release day, and CEO James Gorman is making the rounds on every major financial media outlet. In the last hour, he’s been on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and even… Fox Business News with Charlie Gasparino.That’s surprising, considering Gasparino’s long-held grudge with Morgan Stanley (he said they’ve made death threats toward him) and the fact that he’s called out Gorman for basically not being as cool as JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon in the past.

So we watched the interview with bated breathe to see if there would be any cat fights.

Turns out, it was very cordial. The two ran discussed the possibility of Gorman purchasing all of Morgan Stanley Smith Barney—the wealth management firm jointly owned by Morgan and Citi, the impact of possible Moody’s downgrades on Morgan Stanley and how the bank has changed since the financial crisis.

But our favourite part came at the end—when Gasparino asked Gorman why he always gets mad when he calls him “Jim.”

Gorman’s answer was simple:

“I’m one of 10 children, and all my brothers call me Jim. And all my sisters… well, they call me something even more affectionate. My mother calls me James, and I do what my mother tells me.”   Anyone willing to bet that his sisters call him “Jimmy?” Adorable.

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