Now two people have died at Stereosonic, with more than 20 hospitalised and 70 arrested

Stereosonic 2012 in Melbourne. Photo: Kane Hibberd/ (RED) via Getty.

Another person has died at the national Stereosonic music festival, the second death in a week.

The annual festival plays in Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, and on Saturday night was in Adelaide, where 19-year-old Stefan Woodward died from a suspected drug overdose after he was allegedly found with illicit drugs in his possession. A 20-year-old man and a 21-year-old woman were also taken to an Adelaide hospital in a critical condition after suspected drug over overdoes.

Stereosonic was also on in Melbourne the same night, where a teen was taken to hospital in a critical condition and six others were treated for suspected of drug overdoses. Police arrested nearly 70 festival-goers for drug offences.

Yesterday at the festival held at Brisbane showgrounds, 20 people were taken to emergency wards with suspected overdoses.

Sylvia Choi. Photo: supplied by NSW Police.

The latest incidents follow the death of 25-year-old Sylvia Choi at the Sydney festival on November 28.

A man has since been charged with drug supply after allegedly providing the MDMA that killed Choi.

Prior to Brisbane Stereosonic, event organisers posted a Facebook message asking patrons “not gamble with your life”.

Meanwhile, former Australian foreign minister and NSW premier Bob Carr is offering cautious support to a proposal for “pill testing” at festivals following the deaths.

Carr, whose government authorised the supervised drug injecting room at Kings Cross in 2001, said he is “cautiously in favour of the notion”.

“We face an enormous problem with so-called party drugs — it is a big step I’m suggesting we consider, but let’s have careful consultation to lay out the best way forward,” he said.

“I concede that nothing in this space is happy. But it is about finding a least bad solution. Sadly, to me, it looks like young people will go on using ­ecstasy, and other drugs, despite the … known risks.”

NSW police do not support the proposed initiative.

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