London just opened a naked rooftop bar

Naked bar londonYouTube/Now TVThose views though.

Only weeks after London opened its first naked restaurant to a wait list of over 40,000 eager exhibitionists, it has become home to a naked rooftop bar — excuse us, “nude sun terrace.”

The terrace features incredible views, and no, we don’t mean of your fellow nudists. Perched 60 feet above the city, in Parliament Square, visitors can see some of London’s most spectacular sights, like the Big Ben, the London Eye and Westminster Abbey.

The pop-up spot has an open air bar with a nude bartender slinging cocktails, hammocks, sun chairs, and, inexplicably, trampolines.

The rooftop was opened by streaming service NOW TV to promote its new ‘contract-free Combo.’ Apparently, research they conducted found that young Brits today are a “No Strings’ generation,” which doesn’t like being tied down.

Ostensibly, that includes pesky clothing.

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