This Is What Breaking News Looks Like On Snapchat

What started out as an app feared for its ability to make sharing risqué photos easier than the average text would, Snapchat, has now matured into a full-grown adult, one that’s capable of serving as a platform for news outlets looking to alert followers with breaking updates.

NowThisNews, a news network that publishes directly to social mediums like Vine and Instagram, is now sending news updates via Snapchat.

The Awl’s John Herrman explains the updates look like “a ninety-second reel, divided into small units, each composed by finger or stylus.”

Here are a few shots from NowThisNews’ stream from Monday, August 18, which Herrman screengrabbed as they appeared — then disappeared — on his phone.

The news ranged from the ongoing conflict in Ferguson, MO:

To artfully presented though less weighty content:

To update announcements from massive social sites:

Herrman makes a valid point: this isn’t not news. But there’s nothing else to see here, folks. Once the Snapchat story ends, you’re on your own in terms of finding the bulk of the actual story. These snaps are great (and likely time-consuming to create) but the lack of click-through ability means taking it to Google won’t result in much traffic for NowThisNews.

But at least it’s pretty to look at.

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