There's A Mass Exodus Of Manhattanites Heading Uptown In Search Of Food And mobile phone Power

food lines sandy

Photo: Rob Wile for Business Insider

Power remains cutoff in lower Manhattan, and no one knows when it will turn back on.So a mass exodus has begun uptown in search of two things: food, and battery power.

My power in Chelsea went out around 8:30 pm last night.

Luckily, my phone was charged up enough to make it through this morning. But it started flagging around 10 am.

So I began trudging up First Avenue in search of battery power — and if possible, Wifi.

Along the way, I spotted the one bodega  open in the whole area —  with a huge line of people waiting to get food:

I soon realised I was being flanked by about a dozen other downtown sojourners. 

We eventually came across a Chase bank on Second Avenue, where a kind soul had purchased a an outlet strip he’d plugged into a wall that was powering five phones (and one laptop).  

I was able to upload my East Side photos, but there were at least a half-dozen (very anxious) folks waiting in line behind me.

Similar scenes have since been reported elsewhere — here’s a snap from the NYT’s Brian Stelter:

stelter sandy starbucks wifi

Photo: Brian Stelter/Twitter

So I started heading back uptown and noticed there were lines out the door at any restaurant with its doors open.

Here’s he line at a Bread Factory on Lexington and 62nd Street:

sandy bread factory line manhattan

Photo: Rob Wile for Business Insider

The general scene is one of dazed frustration — knowing that Manhattan had it way easier than other places, but still not sure what’s supposed to happen next.

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