Now There Is An Online Shopping Site For Stolen Credit Cards

Getty/ Matt Cardy

You may not of heard of, the website which is doing for the black market sale of stolen credit card files what Amazon did for books and virtually everything else that’s legally traded on the internet.

BloombergBusinessweek reports that this week the Rescator site generated so much hype, and then demand, for a new batch of stolen credit card files with close to 100% validity that it went offline for a time.

They say that “The latest batches were likely pilfered from Home Depot (HD), as reported on Sept. 2 by the security blogger Brian Krebs”.

Businessweek says that the site allows buyers to filter by postcode and, “you can also filter, if you want, by bank, by card type, by expiration date, and even by the last four digits of the card number”.

With such a high validity rate no doubt the cyber criminals will be paying a premium for such ‘qualified leads’.

Indeed Businessweek says that:

Whoever the mastermind is, customers—those to be found lurking on underground bulletin boards where cyber thieves congregate—give the latest offering five stars. ”They’re praising the guy like a rock star over the quality of these numbers,” Lanterman says. “They love him. They think he’s the second coming of Elvis.”

It makes you wonder how secure any purchase you make really is.

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