Now The US Department Of Justice AND The Australian Prime Minister Want To Investigate News Corp.

james rebekah rupert murdoch

It is rapidly going from bad to worse for Rupert Murdoch and News Corporation.

United States Attorney General Eric Holder said the Justice Department will begin an investigation of the company. The news comes after multiple Congressmen and women across both parties – including Rep. Peter King – requested the government intervene.

Holder made his comments while on a trip to Australia. Julia Gillard, prime minster of Murdoch’s native country, is also interested in examining the massive media conglomerate.

“I’m also not surprised to see that in parliament, or amongst parliamentarians, a conversation is starting about the need for a review, and I will be happy to sit down with parliamentarians and discuss that review that people are obviously contemplating,” she said.

The revelations are the latest setback as Murdoch tries to guide his company out of the mess. It has not been going well, however, as Rebekah Brooks – considered almost a daughter to the News Corp. CEO – was forced to resign due to the fallout.

This is only going to get worse before it gets better.

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