Now That Megaupload Is Gone, Here Are A Few Other Ways To Share Your Files CEO Aaron Levie at the company's recent BoxWorks conference.

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The Feds shut down Megaupload, one of the most popular file sharing sites on the planet, yesterday, saying it caused $500 million in lost revenue to copyright holders.A lot of people used it.

If you were a big Megaupload user, we put together a list of some great alternatives to share your files.

None of these mimic Megaupload’s functionality perfectly, but if you need to share a (legal) file quickly and easily, they’re great options.

These are our favourites:

  • MediaFire: A simple file upload and sharing service. You don’t even need to sign up to use it.
  • Dropbox: Acts a virtual “folder” on your desktop. You can also publicly share folders with friends, making it easy to swap files.
  • YouSendIt: This site lets you upload a file and email the download link to a group of people.
  • Box: Similar to Dropbox, but syncs with Google Docs and other cloud services too.
  • iCloud: Also similar to Dropbox, but Mac only.
  • Microsoft SkyDrive: Microsoft’s version of iCloud. But you get more storage and it works on just about any device.
  • RapidShare: This is also similar to Megaupload. Upload a file and you can email the link or share on Facebook or Twitter.
  • AirDrop: This is a feature in Mac OS X Lion that lets you share files with people on your same network. All you do is drag and drop the files.
  • Cloud Drive: This is Amazon’s cloud service. It also lets you upload music and stream it to your mobile devices.