Now That It's Fixed, Bernie Brookes Says The Myer Site Is Getting Heaps Of Traffic

A screenshot of Myer’s website during the outage

There were so many people trying to use Myer’s website after Christmas that the department store was forced to take it offline for repairs.

Which was a huge bummer, as the retailer had billed its Boxing Day clearance as the biggest Australian stocktake sale, ever.

The good news is that since being restored on 2 January, Myer Chief Exec Bernie Brookes says the site is doing big numbers. From The Australian:

“We had two of our top four or five trading days online on Friday and Saturday, which gives us the chance to make sure the site is robust and shows that we’ve been able to win some disenfranchised customers back, which we needed to do.

“We’re getting 3000 shoppers at any one time, which are the numbers we got during Click Frenzy, so we’re pretty happy with the comeback.”

There’s more here.

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